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Fuel combustion, the primary cause of CO2 emissions in the industry sector, is mainly used as “vapor”. Reusing this vapor contributes to energy savings and CO2 emission reductions.

Vapor Recompression (VRC) System,mlf sex

This energy-saving system reduces boiler steam consumption by recovering steam from rectifiers in breweries and vapor from the top of rectifier tanks in distilleries as low pressure steam.
The pressure on that steam is increased and then reused as heating steam in the boiling kettle or the bottom of rectifier tanks.

  • Highly efficient energy recovery (COP: 6 to 11)
  • Saturated vapor and two-phase (mixed with a small amount of mist) operations possible
  • Highly effective at handling (tracking) fluctuations in load and operating conditions
  • Supports a wide range of partial load operations

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  • Model:
    STM190XL, STM370XL
  • Vapor suction conditions:
    7PSIA (176℉) to 15PSIA (212℉) [47.4kPaA (80℃) to 101.3kPaA (100℃)]
  • Vapor discharge conditions:
    STM190 22PSIG (284℉) [0.15MPaG (140℃)]
    STM370 36PSIG (302℉) [0.25MPaG (150℃)]
  • Vapor flow rate:
    STM190 0.49 to 1.22lb/s (0.8 to 2.0ton/h)
    STM370 1.84 to 4.59lb/s (3.0 to 7.5ton/h)

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  • Breweries
  • Alcohol plants

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