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andra sex,For both improved efficiency and environmental sustainability, industrial-use refrigeration systems are increasingly using natural refrigerants. At taxi pron, we design and manufacture a variety of brine chillers built around the MYCOM compressor. And we can design and build units best configured to your specific needs.

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We offer a lineup of both reciprocating and screw-type chillers, providing applicable refrigeration solutions for various plant requirements. A variety of units are available to meet client needs, from refrigerant compatibility (ammonia, HFCs) to the liquefaction of various gases, process fluid cooling and explosion-proof specifications. ,mobile porne

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  • High-efficiency reciprocating glycol chiller
    Cooling capacity: 80 to 1,140kW (22.7 to 324.1TR) *ammonia (R717)
    Brine temperature: 5 to -20°C (41 to -4℉)
    Refrigerant: ammonia (R717), HFCs, other
  • Reciprocating glycol chiller
    Cooling capacity: 10 to 640kW (22.7 to 182.0TR) *ammonia (R717)
    Brine outlet temperature: 5 to -35°C (41 to -31℉)
    Refrigerant: ammonia (R717), HFCs, other
  • Reciprocating explosion-proof glycol chiller
    Cooling capacity: 5 to 210kW (1.4 to 59.7TR)
    Brine outlet temperature: 5 to -25°C (41 to -13℉)
    Refrigerant: Propane, R404A
  • Screw-type glycol chiller
    Cooling capacity: 10 to 2,750kW (2.8 to 781.8TR) *ammonia (R717)
    Brine outlet temperature: 5 to -45°C (41 to -49℉)
    Refrigerant: ammonia (R717), HFCs, other

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  • Various types of industrial plants
  • Food processing plants

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This chiller is specially designed for the various refrigeration needs in food processing, beverage factories, and chemical processes. It uses low GWP refrigerant HFO1234ze (E) and boasts top-class performance in the industry. It supports low loads and can start up smoothly. Since it is equipped with an oil-free magnetic bearing compressor, periodic overhauls are unnecessary, resulting in reduced maintenance costs.,bridget b

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  • Supplies chilled water from 2 to 20°C (36 to 68℉)
  • Refrigerant: Low GWP HFO1234ze (E)
  • COP8.8* *Cooling capacity: 500kW (142.2TR), Cooling capacity: chilling water 7°C (45℉)* Annual average value

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  • Food processing plants
  • Beverage plants
  • Chemical processing plants
  • Fermentation/removal of reaction heat

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nudgirls,This is a chilled water circulation type refrigeration system that creates, supplies, and circulates water with a temperature of 0.5°C (33℉) to the refrigeration process at a food factory. It uses natural and environmentally friendly ammonia as a refrigerant. The amount used to fill the system is kept to a minimum, and the unit is constructed in a manner that prevents leakage outside of the unit or on the chilled water side. A large-bore SUS pipe is used for the chilled water pipe, which makes clogging difficult while also offering excellent cleaning characteristics.

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  • Cooling capacity: 197kW (56.7TR)
  • Supplies chilled water from 0.5 to 2°C (33 to 36℉)
  • Refrigerant: Ammonia (R717)

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  • Poultry processing plants
  • Food processing plants

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A brine chiller with all the benefits of the NewTon series, including high efficiency, safety, and environmental friendliness. It is safe because the brine solution cooled with ammonia is sent to the process side. The amount of ammonia used to fill the unit is kept to a minimum, and it uses a shell and plate heat exchanger and a screw compressor equipped with a semi-hermetic IPM motor that is leak-resistant. As existing brine piping can be used, construction costs for system renewal can also be kept low.
・NewTon B
Standard type NewTon for process cooling.
・NewTon i
A NewTon unit specially designed for ice pop hardening. The refrigeration system is equipped with a shell and plate evaporator that uses corrosion-resistant titanium in the heat exchange part that comes into contact with the aqueous calcium chloride solution.

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  • NewTon i
    Cooling capacity: 232.9kW (66.2TR) *In the case of cooling water at 32 ℃(90℉)
    Brine temperature: CaCl2 -35℃ (-31℉) 
    Refrigerant: Primary Ammonia(R717), Secondary Brine(CaCl2)
    Remote monitoring service
  • NewTon B
    Cooling capacity: 195.1kW (55.5TR) *In the case of cooling water at 32 ℃(90℉)
    Brine temperature: PG supply 8 to -15℃(46 to 5℉)
    Refrigerant: Primary ammonia (R717), Secondary Enthylene glycol (EG) or propylene glycol (PG) brine
    Remote monitoring service

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  • NewTon i: Ice pop manufacturing processes
  • NewTon B: Process cooling

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